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Peco Inn Rates

Daily Rates

Please contact Peco Inn for availability and current rates.

Prices are at daily rates per person and include meals.
Variation in prices depends on type of room stayed in.
Room tax and GST are added to daily rates.
Room tax is calculated by subtracting $65.00 from daily rate and multiplying by 4%.
Check-out time is 12:00 noon. Daily rate will be charged if we are not notified by this time.
Rooms being held over wile people are gone are charged at daily rates.

  • We also have a 12ft by 56ft Northgate wellsite unit with two bathrooms with private baths and two offices. This unit is sationary at our campsite and hooked to our gas, power, water and satelite T.V. . This unit is cleaned daily by our staff. The rate on this uit includes meals for the two people staying init.

  • We also have a 12ft by 40ft Northgate office unit for rent. Inquiries can be made by contacting Peco Inn.

  • We also have fuel (gas and clear diesel) on site. Term of fuel sales are cash, credit card or company cheque unless other arrangements are made with owner (Brian Throndson).

  • Note: Any fuel or camp cost charges will have a surcharge added to the total if paid by Mastercard or Visa.

Contact Information

Peco Inn (open Camp)
Phone:(780) 894-3555
Fax:(780) 894-2441

BLT Camp Caterers Ltd - Main Office
(Drayton Valley, AB)
Phone:(780) 542-4748
Fax:(780) 542-4750

If there are any questions on these rates, please feel free to contact:
Rocky Throndson(780) 621-7030 (cellular)
Warren Schneider(780) 621-6964 (cellular)